#endojourney: About Last Month…

In my mind, May was going to better than April. I would get back to working semi-regular hours, enjoy a birthday dinner for one of my ride-or-die ladies and possibly go on a couple of dates with my main squeeze, Ciarán. Instead, reality hit. Professionally, I only managed to work a few days. Personally, I... Continue Reading →

#endojourney: Two Surgeries & A Wedding

January 3rd, two months exactly to our wedding day, I found myself laying on an operating table about to undergo uterine resuspension, endometriosis excision and a dilation and curettage procedure (commonly known as a D&C), marking my fourth endometriosis-related operation in nine years. We were hopeful this operation would not only be my last or... Continue Reading →


You asked and check out my answers below. I will be updating this post regularly keeping the latest questions at the top. How was your hysterectomy recovery been since your surgery?  The first four days were the toughest I’ve ever experienced. The mixture of nausea, bloating, lightheadedness, incision pain and the general discomfort which follows... Continue Reading →

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