Classic Green Salad

Won't lie one of my favourite things to eat is perogies. These pillowy potatoes of delights happen to take little effort and time to cook, making them perfect for me right now due to my current health struggles. It can sometimes be a challenge to find vegan premade perogies, which are also gluten-free. Luckily, made... Continue Reading →

BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Tacos

🌼Move over Taco Tuesday - Taco Thursday is here to stay!🌼 My insanely talented friend RenĂ©e happened to be over last Thursday as we decided it was time to stop taco-ing* about filming my recipes and get to it already. As the endo pain was rendering me relatively useless, I decided to make a simpler recipe.... Continue Reading →

BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Wrawp

There is something to be said for the comfort of BBQ especially when suffering from endo pain. Which is why when I make my BBQ Pulled Jackfruit - I tend put it on everything for every meal... So when I saw an Instagram post from Spud Box highlighting these nutritional raw wraps, crafted by the... Continue Reading →

BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

No đŸ· were harmed! We had just moved into our new apartment only a couple of weeks before CiarĂĄn’s 35th surprise birthday party. The kitchen along with half the apartment was still unpacked. As I sorted through the remaining boxes, my mind raced coming up with the menu. Sliders, potato salad and tacos, were just... Continue Reading →

Caesar Salad with Fried Artichoke Hearts

When I heard my favourite plant-based restaurant was closing my heart sank as they had a creamy yet acidic plant-based-gluten-and-soy-free caesar salad. Maybe it was my grumbling belly from withdrawal mixed with my creative spark, however soon after their doors closed - I began working on my own creamy ceasar dressing. It took a bit of time... Continue Reading →

Power Breakfast

New Year's morning is normally a tad rougher than most especially if you love champagne as much as I do. Most places open for delivery are not Erin friendly, which means: time to pull my hair back, peel open those eyes and fix myself a bloody mary while I begin think - what's for breakfast?! Luckily, we learned from the... Continue Reading →

Smashed Avocado

It was one of those mornings where burrito-ing in bed was more appealing than everything and anything. After hitting the snooze button a few too many times, I was short on time to make my lunch. I quickly surveyed what we had and began to prep what I call "when you don't have time to... Continue Reading →

Cashew Crema

This is one of my go-to sauces for dips, pastas and spreads. It is simple to make and goes with many different dishes. Ingredients: 1/4 shallot 2 cloves of garlic 1/2 avocado 1 cup of raw cashews 1/2 fresh lemon 1/2 tbsp of dried oregano 3/4 cup of water Sea Salt & Pepper Instructions:  Soak the cashews overnight,... Continue Reading →

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