You asked and check out my answers below. I will be updating this post regularly keeping the latest questions at the top.

How was your hysterectomy recovery been since your surgery? 

The first four days were the toughest I’ve ever experienced. The mixture of nausea, bloating, lightheadedness, incision pain and the general discomfort which follows organ removal during Vancouver’s heat wave was trash. However, on day five, I noticed the lack of endo-pain and I started to feel more like myself. Since then, I have been getting stronger everyday! 💪🏻🙌🏻

What was the hardest part of having the hysterectomy in your opinion?

I thought the waiting would have been the hardest part but to my surprise, it’s been the nerves. Even though I am feeling better right now, I am still aware my endo-pain may come back. So, am trying not to get ahead of myself. ☺️✨

What’s helped you the most to distract you? Ps I’m so happy for you!

Watching all of the cooking shows from Chopped to old episodes of The French Chef. Now that the pain has subsided enough where I can concentrate – I am going to get to the stack of books which I’ve been neglecting for far too long! First up a re-reading of My Life in France by Julia Child.

After being in pain for so long, what things are you most looking forward to doing? 

Everything! I know that sounds so very cliché. But it is true. I’m used to the pain distracting me from being present in aspects of my life. So, I am looking forward to being able to dance around the house as much as I am being able to travel again. 💃🏻🛫

Are you hopeful that this surgery will allow for a pain free future? 

Yes! Even though I am not trying to get ahead of myself too much as I feel pretty great but am aware the pain may come back.

Have you suffered any emotional effects from surgical menopause?

I am not sure to be honest and it is been hard to tell as I was able to keep my right ovary and am not on any HRTs. I have been paying close attention to my moods and the times I have been emotional were mainly caused by my lack of mobility and being trapped inside my apartment for so long (I’ve been off work since November and this is my second surgery since January 😔). So, it has been hard to tell if my emotions were fuelled by my hormones or just mental strife. Will continue to keep a close eye on my moods as I know women can still enter early menopause with one ovary.

How has your diet been effected by endometriosis?

Since being diagnosed with endometriosis I have been rendered a gluten-free and soy-free vegan.

What’s your favourite tv show to watch during recovery?

One of my go-to shows when in pain or recovering from surgery is The X-Files. I have and always be a fan. I cannot count the amount of times I have watched that series.

How long is your recovery?

The first two weeks was told to be on bedrest more or less. The next four weeks am meant to take it easy without lifting anything more than 10 pounds. Will see how I am doing at my six week post-op to better dictate how the next two month go.

What type of support did you have pre and post surgery?

I have been completely spoiled by my friends and family. I had a lovely Farewell Uterus Party with some close friends the weekend before my surgery. My husband took two weeks off from work to lend a supportive hand. While my sister and Mom have also come to help us out!

Did you have your ovaries out also?

I had my left ovary removed and was able to keep the right ovary. As I am only 34, my surgeon didn’t want to remove both ovaries as it can cause heart problems.

Dating post hysterectomy? Any advice?

That is a great question! I won’t be able to provide a personal experience as I am in a relationship. I am going to ask my fellow #hystersisters if they have any experience dating after a hysterectomy. If so, DM me so l can pass along your advice!!

How did you get to have a hysterectomy? I have been asking for years but doctors won’t!!

I underwent an uterine resuspension and endo excision surgery in January making it my fourth endo-related surgery in eight years. At my six-week post-op we discovered my uterus shifted from the newly sutured anteverted position back to the original abnormal retroverted position. I underwent four more transvaginal ultrasounds over the course of a month to find my uterus shifted positions throughout my cycle which caused excruciating pain. After a conversation with my surgeon, I found out I was now eligible for a hysterectomy and I decided it was my next step as I have been off work and basically couch bound since November.

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