Berry Chocolate Pancakes

Happened to have a conversation the other day with a close friend, about having chocolate for breakfast. So naturally, awoke this morning craving chocolate. 🍫💁🏻‍♀️

And what goes best with chocolate in the morning?! Pancakes and berries!! 🥞🍓🍒

Using The Gluten Free Chef’s  pancake mix, I followed their vegan instructions substituting an egg with baking soda and milk with any plant milk. Wanting to keep these pancakes on the sweeter side, I used coconut milk. I then mixed the coconut milk and dry ingredients in a large bowl until smooth. Melted about 1/2 cup of Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chips* before adding to the mixed berries and pancake batter.


Using my cast iron skillet and over medium-heat, I melted soy-free butter before adding the berry chocolately pancake batter of goodness. As the pancake batter is a bit thicker, I waited to flip the pancakes until the 4-5 minute mark or when the batter on top stared to bubble. Optional: add some more soy-free butter to ensure crispy exterior. Once flipped, I let it cook for another 4 minutes.


These Berry Chocolate Pancakes are definitely a great argument for chocolate for breakfast! I know I will be having them again…

*I really went for the chocolate this morning!  🍫 🍫 🍫 🍫

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